Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!
Alexander Shtalenkov

Exhibition Centres

CJSC "Kuzbass Fair"

ЗАО «Кузбасская ярмарка»

Address:  51 Avtotransportnaya St., Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo Region, 654038, Russia

Hall space (sq. m) :  26762

Open air space (sq. m):  39446

Number of halls:  4

Number of Conference Rooms:  8

Owner:  "Kuzbass Fair" JSC  ( Owner )

Exhibition Pavilions

Space (sq. m) / Height (m) / Floor load capacity (kg / sq. m)
Pavilion 1 – 6100 / 4-7 / 500
Pavilion 2 – 1500 / 6.5-11 / 250
Pavilion 4 - 4200 / 9.5 / 500
Pavilion 6 – 2500 / 4-7 / 500
Pavilion 7 – 3000 / 8 / 500

Conference Halls

Space (sq. m) / Capacity

Conference hall №1 - 308 / 250
Conference hall №2 Small – 65 / 70
Conference hall № 3 – 180 / 150
Hall of presentation – 65 / 70
Conference hall № 4 – 130 / 80
VIP-hall – 130 / 80

Conference hall №5 – 72 / 75

Conference hall №6 – 72 / 75

Engineering Support

Electrical power supply system
Water supply system
Automatic fire extinguishing system


Audio and multimedia equipment

Catering service

Cafe "Expo-Food"

Parking is available (512 cars)

Shop for building materials "StoryExpo"

Indoor carting-center "Drive"

CJSC «Kuzbass Fair» was founded in 1992. The company is specialized in arranging of international trade fairs, forums, visits of business people to exhibitions and fairs in Russia and abroad. Its activity includes: advertising and publishing (complex design campaigns, presentations, PR and advertising campaigns; holding of different events, ceremonies, press-conferences; sales promotion). Today it is a stable developing exhibition company which has made good progress and achieved victories not only at the territory of Kemerovo region. The title of «Kuzbass Fair» is known in many cities of our country, as well as abroad.

CJSC «Kuzbass fair» since 1994 is a member of the Kuzbass Chamber of Commerce and Industry, since 1995 is a member of the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs, since 2003 is a member of the World Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI).

There are more than 40 subject exhibitions in the calendar of «Kuzbass Fair». The achievements of coal industries, construction, mechanical engineering, light and food industries, education, sport and other social and economic fields of Kuzbass and Russia are presented.

Exhibition Company «Kuzbass Fair» has its own exhibition center with total area of 66208 sq. m (Outdoor area - 39446 sq. m), Stationary exhibition pavilion (6048, 4200, 2725 sq. m), Stationary pavilion of Roder’s company (1500 sq. m. area), as well as a stock of mobile pavilions with the total area over 11000 sq. m.

«Kuzbass Fair» can offer conference halls as well as hall for presentations for conferences, seminars, meetings and presentations organization.

There are 250 armchairs in conference hall №1. There is a scene, conference system with 36 microphones, LCD projector, projection screen, sound amplifying equipment, 4 plasmas, cable TV. There is an area in the large conference hall (81 sq. m.) which can be used for negotiations and coffee breaks.


Conference hall №2 (small) and hall of presentations for up to 70 people, conference halls №3,4,5,6 and VIP-hall - from 75 to 150 people. The halls are a perfect place for business meetings and social events. They are equipped with the necessary furniture, sound equipment, microphones, multimedia projector and screen.

CJSC «Kuzbass Fair» uses equipment of companies «Octanorm» for expositions construction .

The company's staff is 50 full-time employees. They are a team of professionals - exhibitions organizers, advertising managers, Russian-English and Russian-French interpreters, stands erectors. Service Bureau of the company offers accommodation in the hotel, transfer, freight delivery.

Trade events:
17.09.2019 - 21.09.2019
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