Christmas Bazaar-2018
предпразднична  Exhibition and Fair
Dates 20.12.2018 - 23.12.2018
Frequency annual
Location Russia, Sochi
Grand Hotel Zhemchuzhina
Organizers "SOUD" – Sochi Exhibitions" Ltd.
Exhibition's URL www.soud.ru
Theme B.39. Feast Day (Wedding Day, New Year, Christmas)
Рождественский Базар-2006 Christmas gifts and decorations. Cosmetics. Bijouterie. Jewelry. Gems. Souvenirs. Business souvenirs. Holiday packages. Christmas paraphernalia. Toys, accessories, masks, Christmas costumes. Popular craftwork. Common consumption goods. Christmas decoration (artificial Christmas trees, holiday decorations). Products for the festive table. Delicatessen, meat and dairy products. Elite wines. Gift sets of alcoholic beverages.
Contact person Exhibition Manager:
Viktoria Maksuta
tel: (862) 262-46-34, 262-26-93
email: vika@soud.ru, sochi@soud.ru

Statistics together with "KUBAN-2016" (2016 year)
hall space rented by domestic exhibitors 1100
space rented (total) 1100
net space 1100
gross space 2760
domestic exhibitors 75
foreign exhibitors 3
exhibitors (total) 78
domestic visitors 6009
foreign visitors 80
visitors (total) 6089
visitor category trade + public visitors (T+P)
trade visitors (%) 9
participant countries Belarus
countries number 2
Working up for exhibition Organisers Venues Service
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