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Экспотранс, ООО
"Expotrans", LLC
RUEF member since 2015
Address Office 102, 15/4 Antonova-Ovseenko St., Moscow, 123317, Russia
Phone (495) 988-09-67

Expotrans Company is an exhibition freight forwarder being one of the leaders in the market of international exhibition services and an official partner of Crocus Expo and Expocentre international exhibition centers in the sphere of freight forwarding logistic business connected with exhibition freight processing.

Our company has a wealth of experience in the sphere of freight forwarding services. Moreover, due to fast-paced development, the range of services is constantly growing, while their quality is constantly increasing. Today applying to Expotrans guarantees the following advantages for each customer:

• An excellent exhibition service to deliver freights worldwide.
• A reliable partner who will provide customs clearance services, no matter how complex they are. We are specializing in the following customs regimes: temporary importation, temporary exportation, including customs registration under ATA Carnet, release for free circulation.
• Effective management of freight delivery directly to exhibit booth or any other points of destination according to the client’s request.
• Safe storage of freights and packing materials before/during/and after exhibition events.
• Assistance in assembly and disassembly of equipment at the exhibition booth.
• Full informational support during freight transportation, customs clearance and delivery.

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