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Кузбасская ярмарка, ЗАО
"Kuzbass Fair" JSC
RUEF member since 1995
UFI member since 2003
Address 51 Avtotransportnaya St., Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo Region, 654038, Russia
Phone (3843) 32-11-95, 32-22-22
Fax (3843) 32-24-30, 32-11-13

Табачников Владимир Васильевич
Director General Vladimir V. Tabachnikov

hall space (sq. m) 26762
open air space (sq. m) 39446
Exhibition's pavilions CJSC "Kuzbass Fair"
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JSC "Kuzbass Fair " is working at the exhibition business, solving the problems of economic and social development of Kuzbass. "Coal of Russia and Mining" International Trade Fair and "Metallurgy" Exhibition are the leading trade fairs of Russia for coal mining and metallurgy, and the trade fairs "Architecture. Construction", "Wood. Woodworking", "Prodmarket", "Intercity", " Education. Carrier ", " Intermed. Interpharm. Children's health" are the leading trade show of the Siberian region.

Constantly increasing quality and professional level of it`s stuff, "Kuzbass Fair" organizes collective expositions of Kuzbass enterprises at the exhibitions in Russia and abroad. Within the last four years the industry of the Kemerovo region has been presented at the largest exhibitions in Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Czech, Germany, Italy, Mongolia, Iraq.

Expanding business contacts "Kuzbass Fair" will be pleased to consider the offers of foreign companies and exhibition centres about mutually benefitial cooperation in the sphere of trade fair activity development.

"Business contacts give rise to profitable contracts", - says "Kuzbass Fair" and creates maximum of conditions necessary for high efficiency of business meetings at the exhibitions and fairs.

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