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Красноярская ярмарка Выставочная компания, АО
"Krasnoyarsk Fair", JSC
RUEF member since 1993
Address 19, bld. 2, Aviatorov St., Krasnoyarsk, 660077, Russia
Phone (391) 200-44-00
Director General Artyom Muradyan
Hall Owner
hall space (sq. m) 15122
open air space (sq. m) 7000
Exhibition's pavilions "Krasnoyarsk Fair" JSC (IEBC "Siberia")
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The JSC "Krasnoyarsk fair" was founded on the 17 of November, 1992 and now it is a professional collective adequate to the modern requirements and conditions of the exhibition business. Since 1993 "Krasnoyarsk Fair" is a member of the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs. The JSC "Krasnoyarsk fair" works on perfection of the forms and methods of the exhibition activity, service for the participants and visitors of the exhibitions. The activity of the amicable collective is basing on rich domestic exhibition traditions and on the world experience of business, they promote development of the East-Siberian region. A unique arrangement of Krasnoyarsk, in the center of Russia, makes the "Krasnoyarsk fair" an original bridge which connects western and eastern regions.

Today the JSC "Krasnoyarsk fair" is one of the largest exhibition enterprises in Siberia and Far East. It is based on the exhibition policy of "Krasnoyarsk fair".

Firstly, it is the close cooperation with regional and urban organizations, and also with various CCI's, companies, associations which are acting as the customers at exhibitions.

Secondly, it is an active work with international and national exhibition organizations.

The development of cooperation with the exhibition partners of Russia, CIS and Baltic countries plays a large role too. Integral parts of this program increase quality which is given by the services and an expansion of the exhibition areas.

JSC "Krasnoyarsk Fair" has lead more than 220 events of various scale. Such as industrial exhibitions and trade fairs, national exhibitions "Furniture of Romania" in 1993 and "Yugoslavia today" in 1996. International exhibitions and conferences: "Investment projects of Krasnoyarsk region" in 1994, "Investment projects of Bottom Priangaria" in 1996, business meeting of the Russian and foreign businessmen. More than 10000 firms and enterprises from different regions of Russia and foreign countries have taken part in the Krasnoyrsk's fairs. More than 350 thousand people have visited these events. The most prestigious and large exhibitions are such as "Construction and architecture", "Foodstuffs" "Yeniceimedika" "YeniceiInfoCom", "Advertising", "Supermarket" "Cosiness and interior", "Auto and service".

If you have already worked at one of the exhibitions, which were organized by "Krasnoyarsk fair", we are sure, that you will come again. If you are going to us for the first time - do not doubt the future success.

Krasnoyarsk fair is an excellent company for the achievement of success!

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